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79 Victorian sport and recreation bodies to benefit from Together More Active funding

79 Victorian sport and recreation bodies to benefit from Together More Active funding
November 15, 2019

79 of Victoria’s sport and recreation organisations will share in more than $6.3 million in funding over two-years from the state's 'Together More Active' initiative.

The Together More Active grants aims to boost the capacity and sustainability of sport and recreation organisations, creating more participation opportunities, building membership and new program offerings to increase equity, diversity and inclusiveness.

The funding will support 147 projects across 13 themes, including disability, workforce development, high performance, diversity and inclusion, Aboriginal participation, governance and leadership and safety and integrity.

Successful funding recipients and projects include:

AFL Victoria will deliver three projects. The ‘AFL Victoria Disability Program’ will expand offerings to people with disability. This includes AAA Auskick and specialist school programs and developing online coaching resources to provide accessible and inclusive participation opportunities for everyone in Victoria. The ‘Game Development Officer Program’ will increase the number of employment opportunities to underrepresented groups, including women, Aboriginal people and people from multicultural communities. The ‘Discover Footy’ program, AFL Victoria will deliver football activities from Prep to Grade 6 aligned to curriculum standards in targeted schools supporting families of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with typically low levels of engagement in football and sport.

Aquatics Recreation Victoria. Supported by Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, the ‘Advancing Women in Aquatics and Recreation’ project will facilitate an industry specific course to help close the gender gap in leadership roles in the industry. This is a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative.

Archery Victoria will deliver the ‘Women and Girls Shooting for the Stars’ project developing club capacity to support senior female Victorians participating in archery.

Athletics Victoria will deliver the ‘Club Connect’ project providing resources to clubs on stakeholder engagement, communication and strategy and inclusion to engage all Victorians to participate in an active healthy lifestyle.

Australian Camps Association will deliver two projects. The ‘People Outdoors’ project will extend services to people with disabilities in regional Victoria. The ‘Great Getaways - Active Ageing’ project will involve running six camps engaging senior Victorians in the outdoors, establishing administrative bases in Ballarat and Geelong.

Australian Sailing will deliver three projects. The ‘Growing Clubs Capability and Capacity’ project will advise and support committees to strengthen governance processes. ‘Sailability’ will grow its reach by supporting people with a disability to access sailing through specially modified boats and use of c–cranes. The ‘She Sails, and She Leads’ raises the profile and skills of women and girls in sailing, and is funded in partnership with the Change our Game Workforce Development initiative. Supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation, the initiative raises the profile and skills of women and girls in sailing.

Badminton Victoria will deliver four projects. The ‘Levelling the Court’ project will increase the number of women and girls participating in badminton through a skills-based program. The ‘Smash IT’ project will improve the systems and digital presence of BV and 68 affiliated clubs. The ‘Hit It, Smash It, Flick It’ project will build community relationships and introduce badminton to people with disability, people from multicultural backgrounds and people from the LGBTI community. The ‘Leap Ahead Junior Development Program’ will deliver junior development initiatives to secure Victoria’s dominance at the national level.

Bowls Victoria will deliver four projects. The ‘Increasing Volunteer Participation and Diversity’ project will increase the participation and retention of volunteers by expanding and formalising the intern and volunteer program, placing CALD students from local universities. The ‘Inclusion Officer - Female Participation and Get Autism Active’ project will drive female participation by delivering the pilot program ‘Throw Like a Girl’. The ‘Active Coaches’ program will Increase participation and retention of coaches by providing training and accreditation programs. The ‘Blast Motion’ project will use technology solution sourced from the USA for coaches and program providers which will capture critical data needed to assess talent, train elite players, engage aspiring players in non-elite programs and service as a recruitment tool in school participation programs.

Basketball Victoria will deliver four projects. The ‘Indigenous Pathway Program’ will increase Indigenous participation opportunities and the capacity of local communities to deliver basketball. The ‘Women’s Leadership Program’, a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative, is a continuation of the Courage and Confidence to Lead program funded by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation. The ‘Better Basketball Business Practice’ project will increase and enhance the operations of associations and clubs through the delivery of workshops, training and education. The ‘Basketball Business Network’ initiative will develop a platform for information sharing, resources and support to further extend the reach of the Better Basketball Business Practice education and training program.

Blind Sports Victoria will deliver two projects. The ‘In Defence of Health’ project will help people ease into regular activities with others, increasing confidence, independence and autonomy. The ‘Swimming Project’ will partner with Life Saving Victoria, Swimming Victoria and YMCA to develop and promote a blind swimming training module to coaches, trainers and volunteers at swimming and life-saving clubs to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and needs of people with vision loss.

BMX Victoria will deliver a ‘Whole of Sport Review’ to enhance programming and operations tailored to the needs of member clubs and participants. The process will assist in prioritising and delivering the outcomes of the new BMX Victoria Strategic Plan (2019-2022).

Bowls Victoria will deliver six projects. The ‘Coachforce’ project provides accessible quality coaching state-wide to the 42,000 bowlers, as well as coach education, umpire training and development. The ‘People with a Disability’ project will coordinate disability specific workshops, providing resources to improve club capability, coach education, medical training at All Abilities events. The ‘Bowling with Babies’ project brings mums, dads and their babies together for a social game of bowls over a coffee and conversation. The program engages the whole community, creates social interaction and engenders increased physical activity. The ‘Social Bowls - State wide Barefoot Bowls Championship’ will increase participation through a social program. The ‘Strong Viable Clubs and Skilled Volunteers Program’ will empower clubs to flourish in their environment by ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to address their specific club management challenges. The ‘High-Performance Strategy’ project will provide an aspirational pathway for bowlers of all ages and a clear framework for success both on and off the green.

Bushwalking Victoria will deliver the ‘Increasing Participation Among Targeted Cohorts’ project to increase participation in bushwalking among diverse and underrepresented population groups by conducting introductory bushwalking activities in accessible locations.

Calisthenics Victoria will deliver ‘CaliRec: Recreational Programs' to grow the sport through creating, piloting and adopting a range of recreational programs to introduce a wider, more diverse audience of women and girls to calisthenics.

Centre for Multicultural Youth will deliver two projects. The ‘Women’s Sports Hub’ project aims to create a safe space for young women aged 15 - 30 years from migrant and refugee backgrounds living in the Cities of Greater Dandenong and Casey to participate in sport. This is a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation. CMY will also partner with Sports Focus to develop and co-deliver a coach training package for sports clubs to build their capacity to be more inclusive of families and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) will deliver the ‘CAMS Esports’ project increasing participation, membership and revenue by developing an esports strategy and launching a series of competitions under a CAMS esports structure.

Council of the Ageing will deliver the ‘Strength Training for Life - Dance and Activities’ project which develops an interconnected referral pathway to assist older Victorians to take part in a range of dance and physical activities. It builds on the established ‘Living Longer Living Stronger’ program.

Cricket Victoria will deliver four projects. The ‘Growing, Leading and Enhancing the Game for Girls and Women’ project will assist local volunteers to provide cricket competitions and social solutions through new indoor cricket initiatives and innovate Social Sixes program. This project is supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation as a Change Our Game Workforce Development initiative. The ‘Cricket to be the Leading Equitable and Inclusive Sport’ project has three parts. It will develop a LGBTIQ ‘Proud Cricket’ framework for clubs with Proud2Play, engage two multicultural ambassadors in the community and leverage the profile of Melbourne Stars and Renegades to drive multicultural participation through ‘Harmony in Cricket’ competitions. It will support the expansion of All abilities MAACA competition, create a high performance “Inclusion Academy” for cricketers and will hold the Special School Cup at the MCG. An Indigenous Youth Academy program will be implemented in 2020/21 developing cricket skills for young indigenous people and improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

Croquet Victoria will deliver the ‘High Performance Pathway for Croquet Victoria’ project to develop the next generation of elite players.

Cycling Victoria will deliver the ‘Wayfinder Women and Girls’ project by developing a framework to support a cultural shift in the attitude towards women and girls in cycling. The project is funded in partnership with a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation. It will aim to double the number of women and girls in the cycling workforce through development programs for coaches, officials and club officials.

Dance Sport Victoria will deliver the ‘Para-Dance and Senior Inclusion’ program providing ballroom dancing opportunities for wheelchair participants and senior Victorians.

Deaf Sports Australia will deliver the ‘Active Deaf Sports Inclusion’ project developing the capacity of the sport and recreation sector to provide safe, inclusive and supportive environments for deaf and hard of hearing Victorians to engage in sport and active recreation.

Disability Sport & Recreation will deliver two projects. The ‘Festival and Awards’ project will support the Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Festival and the Disability Sport and Recreation Awards. The ‘Wheelchair Rugby’ project will expand the development pathway for wheelchair rugby into new regions of Victoria, providing greater participation opportunities for players and support staff.

Disabled Wintersport Australia will deliver the ‘Winter Alpine Resort Services’ project to introduce new and increased participation opportunities that are otherwise unavailable within the geographical location.

Diving Victoria will deliver the ‘Diving Growth and Performance in Victoria’ project engaging with the non-traditional diving community to expose young people to the benefits of active participation in the sport via their school community. Through a targeted approach, Diving Victoria will increase its presence in schools, with a focus on primary education in the first instance, through the implementation of ‘Come and Try’ days and ‘School Diving Programs’.

Equestrian Victoria will deliver the ‘Equestrian Victoria – Interschools’ project developing a state-wide participation plan around interschools equestrian sport and leverage the short-term participation growth opportunities to develop increased and lifelong engagement in the equestrian sport.

Fencing Victoria will deliver the ‘Development of Sabre Fencing in Victoria’ project improving sabre coaching methods to meet international standards and develop pathways for coaches, referees and coach educators. The project will develop capacity and capability to host international standard sabre fencing in Victoria.

Football Victoria will deliver four projects. The ‘Go Deadly Football Program’ will increase participation opportunities for the Aboriginal community by running a Miniroos kick-off program, Go Deadly 7s competition and supporting clubs to deliver regional and rural competitions. The ‘Club Coach Coordinator’ project will provide support to inexperienced coaches at grassroots clubs and address the high turnover rate that football experiences, particularly in female players. The ‘AAA’ project will build the capacity of clubs to provide programs for people with disability and build awareness of the importance of sport participation across the community. The ‘Go Proud’ project will increase participation opportunities for LGBTI community members through delivering club level initiatives. This will increase awareness and reduce barriers for the LGBTI sport participation.

Gippsland Sports Academy will deliver the ‘GSA Service Extension’ project providing opportunities for teenagers from Indigenous and CALD backgrounds to experience what the Academy offers and support talented athletes transition into its sport programs.

GippSport will deliver a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation. The program will provide development opportunities to support women sports administrators at club, league and association level across Gippsland and will establish a growing network of Gippsland woman in sports administration.

Golf Victoria will deliver two projects. The ‘Get into Golf MyGolf All Abilities’ project will retrofit the existing adult and junior participation programs ‘Get into Golf’ and ‘My Golf’ to a AAA audience growing participation opportunities for Victorians with disability. The ‘Get into Golf MyGolf Multicultural’ project will also retrofit the existing adult and junior participation programs to a multicultural audience, increasing opportunities for multicultural communities.

Gymnastics Victoria will deliver four projects. The ‘Level Up’ project will build on the ‘Target 1,000’ initiative supporting more members to attend coaching and judging courses. The ‘Growing Club Capacity’ project offers support services, training and advice to clubs and leaders across the Gymnastics community. The ‘Head Start’ initiative will see GV partner with housing and homelessness support services across Victoria to provide Kinder Gym participation opportunities to young families experiencing homelessness and/or socioeconomic disadvantage. The ‘Special Olympics Gymnastics’ project will increase participation opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, expanding to people with autism spectrum disorders in metro Melbourne and both cohorts throughout regional Victoria.

Hockey Victoria will deliver two projects. The ’AAA Hockey‘ project will provide opportunities for people with disability to participate in hockey across a number of environments including; interschool sports, state competitions and at local club level. Supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation, the ‘Achieving Gender Equality within Hockey’ project is a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative focusing on implementing Hockey Victoria’s recently developed Gender Equality and Diversity Strategy.

Ice Sports Victoria will deliver the ‘Discovering the Thrill of Ice Sports’ project increasing participation opportunities for underrepresented groups with a focus on disability. This will be achieved in partnership a variety of sporting bodies including Ice Hockey Victoria’s Para Ice Hockey League and the AFL’s Wheel Chair League.

Indoor Sport Victoria will deliver the ‘Increasing Female Participation’ project increasing the number of women and girls playing indoor sports in Victoria, primarily indoor cricket, indoor soccer and futsal, involving women in the design and development of new competitions.

Judo Victoria will deliver its ‘High-performance Pathway Program’ supporting young and up-coming talented athletes transitioning from senior boys and girls into cadets and beyond. The project will prepare athletes to compete successfully at international level with a focus on strengthening athletes’ technical, tactical and mental abilities.

Lacrosse Victoria will deliver a project to develop the new format of lacrosse accepted for the 2028 Olympics taking lacrosse in Victoria into the future. The project will include a focus on regional areas working in partnership with regional sports assemblies.

Leisure Networks. The ‘Game Changer’ project is a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation. Leisure Networks will build the capacity of community sport and recreation clubs in the Barwon region to enable diverse roles and opportunities for all women and girls and to actively promote the values of respect, inclusion and safety to all club members.

Life Saving Victoria will deliver youth development programs focusing on participation, health and wellbeing, creating pathways vital in the long-term sustainability of lifesaving and the culture of lifesaving in Victorian communities. LSV will also deliver its ‘Active Training - Building Athlete Capability’ project which provides training support to youth and high-performance athletes as well as retaining and growing lifesaving sport activities.

Little Athletics Victoria. Supported by the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, LAV will deliver its ‘Developing Female Coaches’ project to increase the number of females attending coaching courses. As a Change Our Game Workforce Development initiative the program encourages participation and education of female coaches beyond the introductory level provided at Little Athletics, assisting female coaches with a pathway to high performance coaching. LAV will also deliver the ‘Developing multi-class participation’ project supporting the integration of Multi-Class Athletics into all levels of competition across the state. This work will develop multi-class coaches and the volunteer workforce with capabilities to support multi-class athletes.

Maccabi Victoria will establish a modern database system with a range of capabilities, upgrading the systems used across the organisation. It will also deliver their ‘School Sporting Participation’ project which aims to increase sporting participation across Jewish Schools, with a particular focus on girls.

Motorcycling Victoria will deliver the ‘Female Participation Program’ providing greater opportunities for women and girls being involved in motorcycling via participation and workforce development initiatives. This is a Change Our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by Office for Women in Sport and Recreation.

Netball Victoria will deliver four projects. The ‘Netmaker Aboriginal Victorians’ project offers Aboriginal Victorians the opportunity to engage in netball programs, pathway and leadership development. This ‘Netmaker People with Disability’ project will provide more opportunities for people with a disability to participate in netball inclusion programs. The ‘Netmaker LGBTI’ project will promote LGBTI inclusion across the netball community through the delivery of LGBTI pride round. It will also support clubs to run pride rounds across the state. The ‘Netmaker Senior Victorians’ project will provide a resource for affiliates to engage seniors in a walking netball program.

NRL Victoria will deliver two projects. ‘Make the Call’ will increase the number and quality of referees, including female participation in refereeing and supporting refereeing in regional locations. The ‘Female Rugby League Capacity Development’ program is a Change Our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by Office for Women in Sport and Recreation and will improve gender equity at clubs, increase leadership capacity of key female leaders within the rugby league community and continue to enhance on foundations of high-performance pathways established for female players in Victoria.

Outdoors Victoria in partnership with Sport Climbing Victoria will develop governance framework options for climbing organisations in Victoria. The project seeks to enhance areas of licensing, safety, links to elite performance, insurance, environmental management and conservation, legal support, training and operational best practice. Outdoors Victoria will also deliver the ‘Bush Kinder Facilitators Demonstration’ project building physical literacy of children through the formation of a professional Bush Kinder facilitators demonstration program.

Paddle Victoria will deliver the ‘Embracing Change - Club Development Assessment’ project strengthening the engagement between Paddle Victoria and affiliated clubs and disciplines to identify and deliver shared strategic outcomes. Paddle Victoria will also deliver the ‘Adaptive Paddling Club Based Program’ increasing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in paddling. This project includes coach development, adaptation of equipment, developing club resources and identifying suitable sites for program delivery.

Paralympics Australia will deliver the ‘Para-Sport Support for the Victorian Regional Academy Network’ project enhancing Para-sport specific knowledge of the Victorian Regional Academy network, developing their capacity to increase participation and pathway opportunities for Para-athletes.

Parks and Leisure Australia will deliver the ‘Building Capacity and Knowledge Program’ providing professional development and training for the sport and recreation sector workforce to create more effective participation opportunities for Victorians. The project will have an emphasis on women and staff from rural communities.

Play Australia will deliver two ‘Supporting Play in Victoria’ projects. The ‘Advocacy for Play’ project will focus on activities aimed at increasing the capacity of the organisation to develop, implement and promote a diversity of strategies to enable the Victorian community to promote outdoor play for the health and well-being of their children and families. The ‘Training for Play’ project will drive the delivery of training in person and online to all sectors of the play and recreation industry in both Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Pony Club Association Victoria will deliver two projects. The ‘Leaders’ project will establish pathways for young people and will involve workforce and policy development. The ‘National Official Accreditation Scheme - Officials Accreditation’ project will formalise and implement a training and accreditation process for all officials within the Pony Club system in line with the Sport Australia National Officiating Accreditation Scheme.

Pool Victoria. Supported by the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, the ‘Provision of Umpire Training and Accreditation’ program is a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative specifically aimed at female members and aims to increase female umpire ratios.

Proud 2 Play will deliver three projects. The ‘LGBTI+ Inclusion Module for Health and Physical Education Teachers’ project will establish an online professional learning module to support inclusive teaching practice. The ‘Stabilising the Sporting Organisation LGBTI+ Working Group’ will expand the network and formalise its structure to achieve sustainable outcomes. In partnership with Leisure Networks, the ‘Strengthening LGBTI+ Inclusion in Regional Victorian Sport’ project will develop a LGBTI+ inclusion training program for sporting clubs, organisations and active recreation bodies in regional Victoria.

Reclink will deliver the ‘Inclusive Sport and Recreation for Disadvantaged Communities’ project creating a wide range of sport and recreation programs to engage people with a disability, disengaged youth and socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. The program impacts the health, quality of life, and social connectedness of participants. Reclink will also deliver the ‘Football and Cricket Leagues’ project to continue its work with Melbourne based AFL and cricket leagues delivering competition programs for disengaged youth, people with disability and socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

Regional Sport Victoria will deliver a Change Our Game Workforce Development program providing female sport administrators employed across the Regional Sport Assemblies (early to mid-career) with development opportunities to reach their leadership potential. It will also expand the skill sets of existing leaders across the nine Regional Sport Assemblies, to increase gender equality strategies into the regional Victorian sport sector to support career progression to key management positions.

Riding Develops Abilities Victoria will deliver its ‘Governance and Accreditation’ project which includes an accreditation process to ensure centres align their day to day operations with policies and procedures across the state. RDAV will also run a project to update and review policies and procedures across the state.

Rugby Victoria will deliver three projects. The ‘Coach and Official Development’ project will develop and implement a Rugby Victoria Coaching and Officiating program increasing the number of coaches and officials in the state and improve the experience of participants through quality coaching and officiating. The ‘Junior Girls Rugby’ project will increase physical activity and participation of three targeted junior girls’ segments (ages 6-11, 12-15 and 16-18). The ‘Rugby 7s’ project will develop and implement clear, inclusive and progressive 7s opportunities for all Victorians.

Scope Australia will deliver the ‘Pathways to Sport’ project. Drawing on the experience of current participants, supporters, volunteers and partners, the project will identify a best practice model for entry into participation.

Ski and Snowboard Australia (Snow Australia) will deliver the ‘Coaching and Officiating’ project reviewing the current coaching and officiating framework and delivering an education and accreditation system that accommodates a growing workforce. This will modernise the delivery and resources available to coaches and officials.

Softball Victoria will deliver the ‘Females in Softball Workforce Development’ program, a Change Our Game Workforce Development project. This program involves Victorian softball managers, associations and clubs to drive and increase in female volunteers within the sport. This project is supported by Office for Women in Sport and Recreation.

South West Academy of Sport will deliver two projects. The ‘Parasport Linkages’ project is aimed at identifying opportunities to improve and develop pathways within the disability sport sector, including talent identification, classification, education and athlete development, in the South West region of Victoria. The ‘Future Leaders’ project will support emerging female athletes (approx. 11-19 years) to become leaders and role models within their community and their sport. This is a Change Our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation.

Special Olympics Victoria will deliver three projects. The ‘Increasing Links with the Tertiary Sector’ project will equip the Victorian sport sector with a workforce capable of delivering sport and physical activity to Victorians with a disability. The ‘Creating a Sustainable Model for Disability Service Providers’ project is designed to provide Victorians with complex disabilities greater access to quality physical activity opportunities at facilities in their local community. The third project will build operational capacity of Special Olympics Australia empowering volunteers to drive participation outcomes through a newly formed governance structure.

Sport Climbing Victoria in partnership with Outdoors Victoria will develop governance framework options for climbing organisations in Victoria. The project seeks to enhance areas of licensing, safety, links to elite performance, insurance, environmental management and conservation, legal support, training and operational best practice.

Sport Inclusion Australia, Victorian Branch will deliver the ‘Increasing Sporting Opportunities for Young People with Autism’ project. Collaborating with sporting organisations across Victoria, the project will expand inclusive participation opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities including Autism and Down Syndrome. SIA will also deliver the #wearesport program aimed at promoting women and girls in sport.

Squash and Racquetball Victoria will deliver two projects. The ‘Affiliate Expansion Support Program’ will support participation growth by supporting clubs to implement programs, recruit and retain members and improve operational effectiveness to support. The ‘Racquetball Rebels’ project will expand a modified school product to increase junior participation and create linkages between students and their schools with the local squash and racquetball venues and clubs.

Surfing Victoria will deliver three projects. The ‘Surfing for Aboriginal Victorians’ project will increase participation opportunities for inactive Aboriginal Victorians in surfing and stand-up paddle boarding with targeted programs in regional areas across Victoria. The ‘Surfing for All Abilities’ project will increase participation opportunities for people with disability through stand-up paddle boarding in Greater Geelong and Greater Shepparton regions. Surfing Victoria are working to transform surfing and stand-up paddle boarding to become more accessible and inclusive of women and girls through a new Female Participation Strategy.

Swimming Victoria will deliver five projects. The ‘Aboriginal Victorians Building on the RAP’ project will develop and implement a Reconciliation Action Plan. A ‘Workforce Development’ project will upgrade SV’s support and education system, increasing the number and capacity of officials. The ‘Build the Capacity of Clubs’ project delivers services to build and support welcoming and inclusive clubs. A ‘High Performance Female Coaching’ project will build the capacity and presence of female coaches in high-performance programs. The ‘Strengthen the Multi-Class (MC) Pathway’ project creates opportunities for new and existing multi-class swimmers to reach their full potential. The project will also develop inclusive practices in coaching and officiating.

Table Tennis Victoria will deliver three projects. The ‘Club Enhancement Initiative’ project works with clubs and affiliates to strengthen safety and integrity, club development and volunteer recognition practices. A ‘Governance and Leadership’ project will build the capacity of Table Tennis Victoria and their affiliates with a focus on the integration of gender diverse practices. The ‘Participation Growth Strategy’ project will grow the diversity of table tennis participants through established entry level, social and primary school initiatives. Project begins with metro launch followed by regional expansion in partnership with regional sports assemblies.

Ten Pin Bowling Association Victoria will deliver the ‘Bowl All Abilities’ project growing participation outcomes for children and adults with an intellectual disability and autism through a tenpin bowling program. It will also build capacity of the workforce and bowling sector by training coaches to increase diversity and inclusion.

Tennis Victoria will deliver the ‘Club Development’ project developing club sustainability and participation outcomes through strategic planning assistance. The ‘ACE’ project provides grants to clubs, coaches and not- for-profit providers to engage under-represented groups including people with a disability, Aboriginal, newly arrived and LGBTI community members.

Touch Football Victoria will deliver three projects. The Three Rivers Festival is an annual community event held on Yorta Yorta woka country engaging people through the love of Touch Football, music, art and Aboriginal culture. This project will engage and increase participation of Aboriginal communities at the Three Rivers Festival. The ‘Women in Touch Leadership Program’ responds to the current deficit in female leaders by strengthening gender equity among the workforce, accredited officials, captaincy appointments and club volunteers. This project is a Change Our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by Office for Women in Sport and Recreation.

Triathlon Victoria will establish its first ‘TRIactive Hub’ at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and work in partnership to deliver year-round programs (duathlon (run/ride) in winter) and stage entry-level events. TV will also deliver the ‘TRI-inclusion’ program to embed inclusion across all of Triathlon Victoria, delivering on a strategy of increasing diversity and building capability.

UniSport Australia. Will deliver three programs. The ‘Training Future Leaders in Sport’ program will expand the Training Tomorrow’s Leaders in Sport program to include coaches and officials as well as administrators. The ‘Changing the Gender Dynamic in the Management of University Sport’ project will provide opportunities for females to take on leadership roles in the management of university sport, not only in university sport departments, but also on student committees and team management roles. This is a Change Our Game Workforce Development initiative supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation. The ‘You Can Play’ program will engage the LGBTI student community on campus providing universities with adaptable resources and participation strategies to ensure safe and inclusive environment for LGBTI student-athletes.

Victorian Skateboard Association will deliver the ‘Cementing Skateboarding Leadership’ program building further governance structures and system efficiencies for the Association.

Victorian Soaring Association will deliver the ‘#YesGirlsGlide’ project enabling more women to take on instructor roles via a training and development roadshow. The project will increase the retention of women and provide a network of women glider pilots.

Volleyball Victoria will deliver the ‘Be What You Can See’ project increasing the number of female role models to inspire and lead a cultural and generational change in the future participation of women and girls. The project will upskill club affiliates to expand junior entry level programs, provide additional coaching leadership and mentor training for females across regional areas, reflecting findings central to the Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation.

Water Polo Victoria will deliver the ‘Polo Pups’ play to learn program. This is a mixed gendered preparatory water polo program aiming to teach new participants (8-12 years) water safety familiarisation and knowledge as well as proficiency in essential water polo skills.

Weightlifting Victoria will deliver its ‘Coaching Development Program’ project to expand weightlifting’s reach in regional areas and increase participation of women and girls. This will support coaches to work closely with Weightlifting Victoria’s growth officer in schools and with clubs across the state and include the selection of 10 applicants to complete the Australian Weightlifting Foundation’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Level 1 Coaching Course.

Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly. Supported by the Office of Women in Sport and Recreation, WRSA will take into a second year a Change our Game Workforce Development initiative titled ‘FAN Leadership Program’. The initiative supports female administrators within their region by providing quality education programs specifically aimed at attracting female administrators, building a more resilient, connected and sustainable female workforce.

YMCA Victoria will deliver the ‘YMCA Aboriginal Youth Camps’ project providing camps for Aboriginal youth to increase awareness of community and culture through story-telling, art, dance and physical activity. The program will develop respectful behaviours for others, and skills to managing relationships and family. The expected outcomes for participants will include confidence, cultural connection and wider belonging within the Aboriginal community.

Image courtesy of YMCA Victoria.

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Founded in 1961, Myrtha Pools® quickly became Italy’s première swimming pool company, and has since grown into one of the world's leading swimming pool construction…

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Aquatics / Design / Play / Waterparks / Wellness


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