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SimplySwim is a school management solution that helps swimming school owners and managers optimize operations by automating functions such as managing class schedules, billing and billing statements, client communication, student records, student progress, and more.  Through the use of this platform, administrative tasks, which used to take time to organize and execute, can be done with much less time and effort.


Our Mission

To provide swimming school owners and managers with a tool:

  • To serve their clients the best way possible by making sure challenging and time-consuming administrative tasks are streamlined and automated;
  • To make sure smooth and trouble-free communication is available between the swimming school and its clients;


SimplySwim Features

SimplySwim provides an easy-to-use interface for swimming school owners, managers, and clients, to access vital information needed in real-time.  Features such as the customer portal can help facilitate communication between the school and the clients for all relevant information instantly required.  Interfaces for data entry and scheduling are also easy to use and flexible.  These allow users to make timely changes and help users prevent problems before they arise.


Who We Are

SimplySwim is a software company based in Australia. SimplySwim was created and developed with swimming school owners and managers with over 20 years of experience.   Lessons gained through years of experience combined with the latest information technology are incorporated to provide swim school owners and clients with the best user experience and management of operations.


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