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Kunal Sawhney

Chief Executive, Kalkine Group

An entrepreneur with revolutionary ideas, Kunal Sawhney is a financial professional with wealth of knowledge in equities who aims to transform the delivery of equity research through tech-driven digital platforms

With his knowledge, skillset, and overarching vision, Sawhney established Kalkine (a business that is based on Digitally Powered Architecture and Extensive Data Science led Premium Research) that has become one of the fastest growing equity market research firms across Australia in 2014; and subsequently, in other emerging and developed markets.

Sawhney’s entrepreneurial and commercial skills backed by the passion to establish a tech-empowered research platform, helped in building Kalkine’s global presence across diverse geographies - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Further, the plans for the US launch in 2021, have set the premise for attaining an all-encompassing client reach for Kalkine’s Subscription and Media Operations.

With a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Technology, Sydney; Sawhney’s business acumen has enabled his brainchild, Kalkine, help clients navigate through equity related matters in a proficient and seamless manner.

Sawhney is featured regularly on CNBC, Sky Business, Biz News, Daily Mail, Yahoo Finance, KCBS Radio (Audacy), Bloomberg, Sydney Morning Herald, Global Banking and Financial Review and many more.

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