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Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) is a world leader in the design, construction, and operation of landmark public aquariums.

Led from Queensland, AAT has delivered aquarium projects in over 25 countries, including Den Blå Planet (the national aquarium of Denmark), the Oman Aquarium, the Cube Oceanarium in Chengdu, China, the Ocean Park Grand Aquarium in Hong Kong and the Sea Shell Aquarium in Vietnam.

Aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, from colossal venues that attract tourists to cities to ‘feature installations’ in shopping malls, hotels and corporate offices. We even created (and manage) a beautiful two-storey high aquarium inside the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, and the ‘Heart of the Reef’ aquarium at the Whitsunday Airport.

More than tourist attractions and family destinations, modern aquariums are at the forefront of nature education, marine conservation, scientific research and vital wildlife rescue and rehabilitation services.

Beyond our exceptional international project track record, AAT’s point of difference in the industry, is the breadth and depth of our in-house capabilities.

Our services include:

The AAT Design team includes specialists in all aspects of aquarium design including:

  • Concept development for entirely new aquariums
  • Renovation, refurbishments and expansions to existing facilities
  • Exhibit make-overs
  • Detailed design and engineering
  • Acrylic structure innovations
  • Life support system design and engineering
  • Aquarium special works design consulting for world-leading architects

AAT Acrylics manufactures PLEXIGLAS® cast acrylic under licence from Röhm GmbH, a world-leading specialist in methyl methacrylate products.

PLEXIGLAS® is one of the world’s highest-quality acrylics. AAT Acrylics manufactures colossal aquarium windows, underwater tunnels, domes, cylinders and curved panels of all shapes and sizes for use in aquariums around the world.

AAT Life Support Systems provide the water quality, chemistry, biology, temperature, turnover and clarity that is right for the animals. Installed on-site or delivered on skid-mounted units pre-assembled at our global production facility, AAT Life Support Systems are simple for trained personnel to operate, energy-efficient and highly durable.

AAT water-proofing protects living ecosystems as well as buildings. We seal concrete structures with non-toxic and high-grade fibreglass reinforced polymers to create animal-safe and ultra durable habitats that don’t leak.

Create beautiful natural habitats and bring creative themes to life. More than aesthetic features, intricate corals and rockwork must be durable, cleanable, not leach harmful dyes or chemicals and serve as functional structures that supports animal wellbeing.

We build and deliver world-class aquariums. Anywhere. Our on-site construction expertise is backed by 25 years of international experience building all types of aquariums, from feature installations in shopping malls to award-winning and world-record-breaking attractions.

Outsource aquarium operations and maintenance to world-class experts. A flexible and modular service. Customise which responsibilities to keep ‘in-house’ and which to ‘outsource’ to AAT specialists. A popular choice for the first years of operating new aquariums or as a way to service ‘feature’ aquariums in hotels, resorts, airports, offices or institutions like the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Inspections you can trust from a skilled, experienced and independent team. We’ll work with you to create your Scope-and-Purpose-of-Audit documentation and assemble an independent team comprising highly experienced specialists. Our Audit and Inspection Service delivers results and peace of mind.

Top three priorities when transporting aquatic species: health, health and health. Introducing aquarium species to a new home works best when they leave their port of origin in the best of health, travel in high quality tanks and are well cared for en route. So that’s what we do.

AAT is a multi-national organisation with operations, facilities and resources in Australia, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Our project management and on-site crews have successfully delivered projects in more than 30 cities and over 20 countries.

Click here for case studies and more information on the AAT website.


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